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Alireza Mashhadi Mirza علیرضا مشهدی میرزا

documents, images and more information about the Elahie Resitential Complex Project. designed in 2016 , Residential category. and its Concept - Alireza Mashhadi Mirza; architect and designer

Project info

  • Design Year:
  • Status:
  • Type:
  • Area:
    2358 m2
  • Location:
    Tehran ,
  • Client:
    Mr. Yarahmadi


  • Project Architect:
    Alireza Mashhadimirza
  • design team:
    Payam Talebi,
    Hamid Zinsaz,
    Katayoon Baktash
  • Detailing Design Associates:
    Payam Talebi,
    Katayoon Baktash
  • Construction:
    Kourosh Safaei
  • rendering:
    Payam Talebi
slide 1 - interior view
slide 2 - interior view
slide 3 - elahie residential complex
slide 4 - elahie residential complex
slide 5 - elahie residential complex